The Colour Consulting Process

You may need just a little design direction or may be starting off with a completely blank slate:

Introduction call to discuss your project (I will assess where you are in the process and we will determine the amount of work required).


Estimate time required for consultation (depending on size and complexity of project).


Colour Consultation (Initial walk through and brainstorming session. I will collaborate with the client to create a balanced colour scheme based on the nature and purpose of the space).

Inspiration Pieces (During the consultation you can expect to reveal any inspiration pieces that you have (for example: A rug, piece of fabric, drapery, artwork, furniture, vintage heirloom).  This will give the consultant valuable information about your style preferences.

Detailed Report (Once the colour selection process is complete, you will receive a detailed written report that you can give to your painter or contractor).

I am confident that you will enjoy the process and will gain confidence in your future design decisions.